Changes In Life As they Happen

Life is like a game. You play to win or you gets left out. I have always thought that life was way easier in old times like in 80’s or 90’s. I was born in 19’s. Of course many of us are born in that time. But now with increasing technology and all. Our life has taken a pace. Its now at speed where we are now like runners. Every single person on this earth Is trying to get some where. Everyone wants to be the best at what they do. Everyone wants to achieve something big. Almost all the people around the world have to do stuff so that they can earn money. Some of them are gifted with talents and they do make there hobby there profession. Its literally the best thing you can do to yourself. As kids we wanted to grow up, go to college. We thought or were misguided by our parents that when we grow up life would be easy. Now when we have grown up. We are like, “What the f**k is going on in life?”. As kids we don’t even know what is like to earn money or what it is like to fall in love.  Now when you are a grown up you just have to deal with like thousand of things daily. Some people are lucky that they have a mind set in there life. They don’t get distracted. They are born to achieve something. They focus on there life. I am not one of those people. I have been left out many times. Not beacuse I am dull, but because i try to make people happy. I go against my self respect to make people I care about smile. I had many friends. Some of them were so close to me. That they use to say about having a friendship forever. But forever happily after only exists in fiction or movies. Beacuse no one will tell you the life after that “happily ever after.” Its is fucked up life. No matter how hard you try to not get involved in these habits but some how someone in your life would make you do things you never imagined you would do. Imagine. You have a best friend, you are happy. You are proud that your bond of friendship is like amazing. But someone in your friends life would come which will be called a boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s the time when you realize that friendship never lasts forever. Friendship is most especial bond a person have in there life. Beacuse that is where you choose people in your life, its your choice. You don’t have a blood relation with those people. That you have to somehow stick with them. NO! its totally upto you, who you choose to have in life. Now life has become a Chaos. And this life isn’t game of thrones that little finger can say “Chaos is a ladder!” But lets face it. This life what becomes Chaos is a ladder. Which you can use to make a better living. You just have to trust the timing. You just have to believe on signs by god. I have always had faith in God that no matter what god always have something good for you planned. Only thing he demands is hard work and your dedication. Which can be towards anything. Anything you love you do. But you might not achieve things you love at first attempt but hang in there, have faith. You might have to do things you don’t like at first, but someday you will be able to do whatever you like. And at that time no one would question your choices. If a bond like friendship can be corrupted. Then trust me, anything can be. In old times people use to think twice about speaking the word sex. And that’s a good thing that it is not a taboo now. But people using that freedom in a wrong way. This world around you is going some where that might end this world being a hell itself. But changes starts from you. Change the way you think to change your life. As the great BOB MARLEY said and i quote “Eventually every single person will hurt you, but you have to make your life better. Don’t hate people for hurting you. Just learn from your experiences, and you will learn life!”

His last words from his son is something everyone should keep in mind, “MONEY CAN’T BUY EVERYTHING.”

this all I wrote is something my attempt to bring change in people’s thinking.

Don’t be those people who ignore someone who loves them, to get attention of someone else who don’t give a damn about them. Stay blessed.

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6 thoughts on “Changes In Life As they Happen

  1. Thank you for following my book blog yesterday.

    It sounds like you’ve been through some hard times with your friends. I admit that I was always bad about not forgetting my friends when I was dating someone. Luckily I worked with my best friend when I met my husband so I still saw her everyday. Unfortunately we later moved 2000 miles away and we aren’t close anymore. Friendship can be hard and life throws things in the way sometimes. 😦

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