Reading a book can be magical

Hi! As I have said before I am a reader. If I am here that’s because I started reading which inspires you to write. And it did inspired me to write. If your a good reader you have to be a good listener. When you listens something you get that into your mind which helps you to write it. 

I read books because I chose to have many lifes. Not one. A reader lives many lifes before he dies. You become habitual of a character. You feel in love with a character in the book. That defines that you don’t only fall in love with outer beauty but inner too. If you can’t fall in love with someone’s heart. You don’t deserve to be in love.  As J.K. Rowling said “magical things can happen when you read a good book” I guess that’s why she wrote a magical book first. 

I had always appreciated the work of J.K. Rowling, Durjoy Dutta, Savi Sharma, Dan brown, Nicolas sparks. And many more writers. They are gift of God I suppose. We read things written by them make us feel so amazing. I am sure Harry Potter is very close to many hearts. It is one of the closest books and film to my heart. Books like Harry potter, dear John, the deception point, game of thrones, Sherlock Holmes, Girls of my dream, Resolution 2020. These books are like heaven when you get into them. It’s just so so amazing to be the world of books. 

I wish everyone in this world gets addicted to books. These war taking place in the world would be a peace. The world would be at peace. The biographical novels like Mein kaimf by Adolf Hitler. Was one most amazing books ever written. 

You don’t need to have any degree to be a reader. You don’t need to be someone with a very high concentration power. You just need to be yourself. Just be happy and just start reading of book of any genre you can or you would love too. Because whatever knowledge or lesson a book gives you, that won’t ever get wasted in life. 


10 thoughts on “Reading a book can be magical

  1. मेरा निजी अनुभव है कि किताबें जितनी पढ़ी जाएँ, उतना ही जीवन के तमाम पहलुओं पर पकड़ बढ़ती जाती है

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