Everyone has a story – Book by Saving Sharma

Hi! I am a reader and a writer. Yesterday I finished reading a novel based on a sweet love story. This book actually proves that true love still can happen with this generation. Our generation I kinda fast in matter if breaking up, patch up. Some of the people actually gets in relationships just because they were getting bored alone. Some say it is important to have a relationship. On the other hand people don’t realise what is true love. Some eve. Say love is rubbish just to show how hard and cool they are. But those are people with broken heart. People who thinks that they will escape things and live alone there whole life. This book will eventually show you that nobody can survive alone. Or I must say no matter what you do to avoid love. You will always be in love. I think people are always in love. Love doesn’t mean that you have to love your partner. Love can be towards your parents, your work, your friends, your pet. But what people refer to love is the feeling of attraction and affection towards opposite sex. Yes! People loves. And you can’t escape love. Or you can’t escape your lived once. Your friends. Even if you become rich in your life and even you gets everything you want in your life. Your life would be incomplete without someone you care about. 

The characters of book are Vivaan, Kabir, Meera and Nisha. Meera wants to be a writer and she is searching a story.  She wants to write a story that touches millions of life. Vivaan dreams of traveling the world. Kabir is a cafe manger who desires something of his own. Nisha is a customer in the cafe who keeps her secrets. 

Everyone has a story. No matter how bad or how good your life is. Well I think no-one’s life is bad or good. It’s just life. As master shifu days’ “Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, today is a gift that’s why it is called present.” 

So don’t be sad if things aren’t working out. Don’t feel left out if you’re not chosen for something. Don’t feel bad because the one you loves doesn’t loves you back. Just breathe, and keep faith that God always has a plan for you. 

Stay blessed. Thank you.

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