The life we love, just don’t give up

Hey guys! This is my first post. I was like confused what to write about. What should my first post? Turns out it doesn’t matter till you are writing from your heart.

Here everyone writes something and they are pretty amazing at that. I see so many options for my blog. I was confused whether to take up blogspot or WordPress. After a lot of talking with people who are good at writing and they are blogger. I can on conclusion that I would go for WordPress. 

In our life we have so many experiences. Some are good some are bad. Some gives you smile some takes away your smile. Of course for a short period of time. Because your smile can never be away. It may take time for it to come back. But someday you will smile even if you have faced your worst time in life. 

I quote the Indian actor “Sad faces can also smile” he is a amazing actor. After the loss of Indian cricket women team in the recent world cup. He met the Indian side and brought smile to there faces. Indian women team has started a revolution in India. Since women are not treated equal in the country. They gave there best and reached the final. The best thing you can learn from them is, “Don’t worry about the result, enjoy your journey towards your goal white preparing for it.” No matter how hard your road is. No matter how much time you will take to reach your goal. Just enjoy the journey within that. Because you aren’t dieing tomorrow. Or may be you will. But you will die trying. And with a happy heart that you enjoyed your journey.  Atleast you won’t give up. You ain’t going to be called a loser. 

If you give up at something maybe your goal in life was close. Maybe if you hadn’t given up you must have gotten your life. Which you will be calling success in your life. 

You may face sorrow in life between your journey. You may face difficulties. But that’s the time focus on what kept you going till now. Think about every single thing. Think about if you give up what would you be giving up. And if you kept going and achieved what you want, how will your life change. No matter what you must have the capability to give up what you are, for what you will become. Don’t just sit and dream. If you dream then you can work on that. If you dream you want that to happen. 

Go out if your comfort zone. And make it work. Don’t think about losing small, think about winning big. And don’t forget to smile. Be nice.

“Be nice and humble, it’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind” – His holiness, Dalai Lama.


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